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Welcome to GasMart USA

HomeOfficeGasMart USA was founded in 1995 and completed construction on our first store in early 1996. By 2003 we completed construction on 7 stores from the ground up located in and around Kansas City. Our Principle Investors started looking for acquisitions and in late 2003 had grown the business to 18 stores and 3 additional vacant sites. In early 2004 we acquired 28 sites from Conoco Phillips located in 3 states (Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana). In 2006 we again made an acquisition of 7 stores located in 2 additional states (Iowa and Nebraska), as well as expanding the business into Wholesale Fuel Distribution.

With a surge in growth between 2003 and 2004 GasMart USA purchased a 26,000 square ft building to house the corporate office (pictured above). Our current business plan is set to expand to 200 stores in the next 5 years.

During 2012 GasMart expanded it's operations to include 2 Kansas Turnpike locations and an additional 37 sites located in Kansas and Missouri.

Dedicated to Customer Service

GasMart USA is dedicated to providing clean and well organized sites. Visit any of our 108 locations and get the same friendly service and quality products you have come to expect from an industry leader.

Along with the quality service and products Gasmart USA continues to stay on top of technology advancements making your experience at our stores the best in the area.

We're Listening

As our customers your opinion matters. If we aren't meeting your expectations or you see an area we can improve please find the manager or contact our customers service department at customers@gasmartusa.com. We welcome your comments and suggestions as well as compliments and positive experiences.